ST/MZ is our soil testing process that provides growers with nutrient information about their soils. Our samples are taken by Soil Type and Management Zone (ST/MZ) rather than by grid, because we understand that variations in soil type are not conveniently bound within congruent squares. Drawing soil samples from logical, scientifically selected regions allows our Ag Spectrum representatives to make valuable recommendations on phosphorous and potassium rates, herbicide selection, hybrid placement, seeding rates, nitrogen timing, gypsum applications and liming needs. Soil samples are pulled using special supplies and a Geographic Information System (GIS) file. Midwest Laboratories provides consistent and accurate results of each soil sample. Rapid turnaround ensures that valuable data is on hand when you need it to make critical decisions about plant nutrition, and we recommend repeating soil tests every two to three years for maximum results.

Once results are confirmed, our Ag Spectrum Associate will meet with the grower and provide a professionally prepared report that is easy to read. This report includes:

  • Soil sample lab results
  • Full-color ST/MZ maps, depicting zone boundaries and soil types, with percentage of each soil type
  • 7 nutrient maps showing levels of organic matter, pH, CEC, potassium (K), calcium (Ca), phosphorous (P), and magnesium (Mg)
  • Lime, P, and K recommendations with estimated cost breakdowns
  • CD’s containing electronic copies and digital prescriptions for lime, P and K, as well as viewable files for all maps