Our Commitment to Growers

At Ag Spectrum Company, we partner with our associates to:

  • Maximize energy production
  • Properly manage air, water, and nutrients in the soil
  • Deliver precise nutrients to crops in the right place, with the right method, at the right time
  • Equip planters and tillage equipment so that each seed is planted into a fertile, nurturing seedbed

You will realize added benefits from your experience and the depth of knowledge that comes with the Ag Spectrum team of professionals – agronomists, researchers, and hundreds of successful growers utilizing the Maximum Farming System. Services we provide include:

  • Personal Crop Consultations – by a team of well-respected, trained and professional local dealers and managers
  • Advanced Soil Sampling – test results include a custom action plan to improve soil tilth, workability, drainage, and nutrient status for each field
  • Unique Nutrient Diets – combines an early-emergence fertilizer with a biological stimulant and precise micro-nutrients optimized for uniform germination and early plant vigor
  • Cutting-Edge Research – relevant to your grower’s operation
  • Foliar Applications – deliver nitrogen and micro-nutrients according to the crop’s developmental stages
  • Planter Set-up – custom set-up and inspection ensures your customer’s planter is certified to deliver nutrients with precise timing and placement
  • Information Management System – correlates GPS-recorded yields with inputs and soil test results, so you can help your grower make informed decisions now and into the future

By adopting the Maximum Farming System, soils are more productive, more mellow, and more fertile. Growers farm with more efficiency and use less fertilizer. Yields are higher and more consistent across fields, soil types, and weather extremes. Ultimately, our land will be more sustainable and successful for generations to come.