Board of Directors

Wayne Studerman

Wayne Stuedemann

Wayne serves as President and CEO of Ag Spectrum Company. Like the other five men who founded Ag Spectrum in 1984, Wayne grew up on a family farm and knew there was a better way to farm. After serving in the U.S. Army, he enrolled at Iowa State University, where he earned a bach­elor’s degree in Ag Business. He later earned his MBA from St. Ambrose University. Wayne owned and operated a Purina dealership for several years before helping to found Ag Spectrum Company out of a deep desire to help the American farmer. Wayne was the company’s first dealer. He now leads the corporate staff and a network of independent dealers as Chief Executive Officer.

Terry Metzger

Terry was raised on a farm in eastern Iowa and has farmed in that area for nearly 45 years. He has successfully adopted no-till and strip-till practices, utilizing the Maximum Farming System. After graduating from Taylor Uni­versity with a degree in business management, Terry worked three years as a business consultant with Deere and Company in Missouri, providing service to 28 John Deere dealers. After returning to Iowa, he joined with five other entrepreneurs to found and build the Ag Spectrum company that was dedicated to treat­ing agricultural producers with respect and helping them adopt efficient methods of crop production. He is an expert on corn and soybean production, as well as planter and machinery innovations.

Cliff Ramsier

Cliff Ramsier is Technical Director for Ag Spectrum Company, and one of six men who founded the company in 1984. He is a dedicated student of soil chemistry, plant physiology, and soil micro­biology issues that impact crop production. His nearly 45 years of experience in the areas of soil science, nutrient management, and crop development have benefitted growers across the country. Cliff directs all basic research projects for Ag Spectrum Compa­ny. He is a skillful spokesperson on the Maximum Farming System and can clearly explain how fertil­ity relates to tillage, nutrients, plant energy, and air/water management in the soil. He writes for company newsletters and has co-authored several scientific journal articles. He provides an important link between the latest research and the Ag Spectrum clients who use cutting-edge technol­ogy and crop production methods.

Garry Brumm

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sci­ence from Murray State University, Garry worked in sales and distribution for a beverage company. He later served as a marketing representative for AgroPlus, where he became acquainted with like-minded individuals who shared a vision to establish a new company to serve the American farmer — a vision that led to the Ag Spectrum Company. Garry has vast experience with a wide range of crops in diverse regions of the country. He shares this knowledge about crop production, ag equipment advancements, and client relationships at company meetings, trade shows, and field days.

Kevin Newgard

Kevin Newgard is one of two members of the Board of Directors actively involved in produc­tion agriculture. After growing up on a family farm, Kevin began farming with his dad in 1972 in a grain and dairy operation. He worked in ag marketing before helping found Ag Spectrum in 1984. As a successful grower in northeast Iowa for more than 40 years, Kevin has personally proven the long-term success of the Maximum Farming System® as an integrated systems approach to farming. He understands the importance of hybrid selection, tillage decisions, herbicide interactions, planter attachments, and all aspects of crop production. He speaks to grow­ers throughout the Corn Belt about achieving high yields while planting continuous corn using the Maximum Farming System.